WeGoVision is a name of Israeli startup aiming to develop a product named "GoFreedom" that will help blind and visual impaired people move in confidence in and out of their house. This product will utilise several technologies in a unique hardware, use wearable computing and Bluetooth communication with Smartphone such as iOS, Android or Microsoft phone.

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List of contributers and supporters of the project:
Anat Amram
Boaz Gadish
Carmelit Shiber
Dalia Bork
Dana Malkai
Eldad Ophir
Elias Hadad
Eran Prigat
Fiora Malkai
Gilad Yakov Mulian
Guy Eilon
Hana Holzer
Ilan Cohen Magury
Itsik Hen
Liana Moriah
Liza Nachman
Medad Gottlieb
Moshe Bentov
Neli Daniel
Neli Nissim
Netanel Cohen
Nili Sessler
Ofra Brill
Rachel Motes
Rut Aran
Rut Loboda
Ruthie Zigart
Shai Mendel
Sharon Ashtar
Shiree Shafrir
Shomo Avni
Shoshi & Eli Melchner
Smadar Ruth Nachshon
Sofi Indig
Yael Bamberg
Yair Stein
Ziona & Yosef Mor

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